The Warrington Together website is an exciting, innovative, new collaborative leadership programme designed specifically for the people of Warrington.

What We Do

Warrington MapThe Warrington Together website is dedicated to promoting strategic partnership working in Warrington. It was sponsored by both the Warrington Partnership Board and the Warrington Health and Wellbeing Board, as the two key groups that drive strategic partnership working and integration in Warrington.

Warrington Partnership is the borough’s Local Strategic Partnership or LSP. It has been bringing organisations from across Warrington together since 2001. It is dedicated to delivering improved public services through partnership working, and has promoted a series of shared strategic needs assessments, visioning documents and joint action plans for Warrington over the last 14 years.

The Health and Wellbeing Board was formed in 2011 and is a legal requirement for every local authority area. Amongst other things, it has a legal obligation to bring key partners together to assess the health and wellbeing needs of local people through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, to create a shared Health and Wellbeing Strategy and to promote integration across health and social care.

Members of the Warrington Partnership and Warrington Health and Wellbeing Board work closely together to promote integration, and to deliver the priorities set out in the Warrington Health and Wellbeing Strategy.