Digital Skills Needed To Be A CCTV Installer In Warrington

CCTV Installation in Warrington

Standing for Closed Circuit Television, it was first used back in the 1940s in Germany by Siemens AG to observe rocket launching. This made CCTV popular to a point where people, Governments, the military businesses, and organisations began to see its benefits and other uses. The reason why this system is called a closed circuit television is that; it uses video monitoring system depending on strategically installed video cameras.

The footage is then broadcasted to either private networks for real-time viewing or to a video recording device for future viewing. Today, however, CCTV systems come with other added security features such as fire detection units, heat sensing units, motion sensors, infrared, night vision capabilities, and others.

For this reason, a qualified and skilled CCTV installer in Warrington must need not only electrical and electronic skills but also digital skills. Before jumping directly to the skills required to be a CCTV installer; it is wise first to understand what a security system installer does.

What Does a Security Technician Do?

In summary, the work of a technician is not only to install electronic security systems but maintain them. The CCTV security field is not limited to buildings alone, but also vehicles, trains, and even traffic based CCTV. Some duties of a security technician include building access controls, replacing defective parts, reassembling needed equipment, maintaining records, installing intruder and fire alarms. The job sometimes requires working in awkward positions.

Warrington MapThe Skills Needed to Become A CCTV Installer in Warrington

General Career Requirements:

  • Degree level: Post secondary education
  • Degree Field: Electronics and Computer
  • Key Skills: Computer and Electronic Skills; communication skills; colour vision; troubleshooting abilities
  • Certification/Licenses: Licensed by the Communications Commission

For you to become a Warrington CCTV installer or surveillance technician, you must have a combination of technical skills. These skills can generally be divided into two categories, which are:

Personal Requirements or Skills

  • Interpersonal and good communication skills
  • Good eyesight and colour vision
  • Enjoy and be good at manual and practical activities
  • Talented in technical activities

NOTE: Without personal skills, you will never be able to offer your services, no matter how qualified you are. This is because you not only have to be friendly but excellent communication ability. Remember, you must be able to discuss security plans with the customer and explain how the system works. As a matter of facts, interpersonal skills are what will get you paid.

Education and Training Background

    • Electrical, Electronics, and video installation educated: – Cabling; drilling; wiring; maintenance skills; installation and repair
    • Computer Skills: – Word Processing / Microsoft Office; Spreadsheets; PowerPoint Presentations; Data Entry; Using the Internet; Using Email; Using mobile and tablet devices; network administration; hardware and software knowledge

Electronic, video and electrical installation knowledge are very important. However, for a person to be fully qualified, they need network administration skills and overall computer skill. As a matter of fact, without digital skills, the chances of getting hired in Warrington are limited. Remember, without basic computer skills like using mobile phones and tablets, or the internet; you will not be able to keep up with the market requirements or trends.